Best Local SEO for Lawyers (2019)

Local SEO Tips For Lawyers

This is the best Local SEO for Lawyers video that explains the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms and attorneys in the United States.  The goal is to show lawyers how to rank their website on Google. I’m going to show you how to improve to improve the search results when doing local SEO for lawyers. Learn how to show up for that customer when they are searching for specific keywords related to law firms.  So let’s just say I typed in Boston lawyers. The estimated cost per click is about $6.37 for the “Boston Lawyers” keywords. We use a tool called Keywords Everywhere to find keywords related to Boston lawyers.

This research process is how we help law firm clients rank for local SEO. The local SEO portion of Google search results showcases the top three law firms based on any given keyword. is ranking in the top spot for organic SEO when users search for the keyword Boston lawyers. Stay tuned for a special video about  in another segment to learn more about organic SEO for lawyers. The top law firms on the first page of Google receive about 60 to 80% of the clicks and impressions in search results. At the top of the search results for Boston Lawyers is the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman. Based on a quick observation it appears that they mainly want to rank number one for the keyword Boston personal injury lawyers.

Local SEO For Lawyers

The goal of local SEO for lawyers is to rank your website to get more organic traffic to your law firm. Utilizing SEO for lawyers is a great law firm marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. The first step to local SEO for lawyers is on page optimization. The Youtube video above explains everything you need to know about search engine optimization for attorneys. Law office can benefit by improving their online web presence with SEO.  No matter where your law offices are located make sure that customers can find your law practice with SEO. Find the top SEO agency for law firm marketing today.

Find Law Firm Marketing SEO Experts

No matter if you are an attorney that handles personal injury cases or criminal law cases in the Boston area and around the United States. Learn how to use Google my business for law firms to get on the first page of Google. Find out basic needs for Google my business to get more traffic. Having your law firm in the local map pack for lawyers is crucial to finding more clients. Update your Google My Business profile with pictures of your law practice. Providing the top local Boston SEO services for all our clients.  Get in touch with us today. Enjoy more videos to learn about SEO here.

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