Cost Effective Lawyer Marketing Services: Get Ahead of the Competition

Stay ahead of your legal competition by finding effective lawyer marketing services. Shockingly, nineteen percent of startup failures are due to strong competition, especially if a small business offers a service or a product that directly competes against an established brand. This is also true for small law firms that struggle in a competitive practice area, like personal injury or criminal defense.

Standing Out from the Competition

According to a survey released by the American Bar Association in 2018, there are 1,338,678 licensed attorneys in the US. This number is 15.2 percent higher than in the previous decade. Given the considerable competition, your small law firm might struggle to acquire clients without a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This marketing tactic can help your firm reach a wider audience, allowing you to find more clients than simply advertising on the yellow pages.

Without an online presence, your law firm could be missing out on lucrative opportunities. With effective lawyer marketing services, you can get inquiries, generate referrals, and build on repeat clients, especially when you get good online reviews.

According to a survey from a Thomson Reuters business unit, 81 percent of millennials are likely to get a lawyer with reviews on the web.

Consider the following legal market trends as well:

  • 38 percent use the internet to look for a lawyer
  • 74 percent of prospects who do an online search contact a law office on the phone
  • 74 percent of people go to a law firm’s website to take action

As such, a successful lawyer marketing services company can create a digital marketing plan that generates favorable returns.  Here’s how you can maximize results.

Optimize Your Law Firm’s Website to Improve Online Visibility

A website may be your potential client’s introduction to your law firm. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or work with a small team of other lawyers, a well-designed and optimized site gives your business visibility in a highly competitive industry.

How does it give your firm visibility?

People are spending more time online. In the US, for example, 77 percent of Americans go online daily. With the top lawyer marketing services, your legal practice is guaranteed to appear in search engines when people on the internet to search for a lawyer and that includes looking up legal services.

How do you make sure your potential clients find your website? The answer is search engine optimization for lawyers. The benefits of SEO for lawyers are remarkable.

An effective SEO strategy can improve your ranking performance on search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly on Google. Acquiring a spot on the first page of SERPs is vital because it gives you an edge over your competitors. Not every website makes it to the top page, and organic ranking can be difficult, so you have to plan your strategy carefully. 

Start with the following elements:

  • User intent – this will serve as your basis for keyword research. Your content should match the search intent of your target audience. For example, “personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts,” “ethics attorney MA,” or “law firms in Boston.”
  • Content marketing – you should be able to break through the amount of data being produced over time. Create a content hub through a resource center, which includes backlinks. Your resource hub should contain informative, useful, and engaging content. 
  • User experience (UX) – focus on improving the quality of the experience you provide to users by providing unique and useful content and easy navigation of your website. 

Now that people have found your law firm online, how do you persuade them to stay long enough to do business with you?

Focus on the third element: user experience.

Create a UX-Focused Website

Today’s consumers have very little time and patience to go through pages on a website and read through chunks of information. It’s critical to give your prospects what they need the moment they visit your site.

Your law firm’s website needs easy navigation so users can go from one page to another with as few clicks as possible. It also has to look appealing to keep them on the page. And it has to represent the authority and standing of your firm, securing its reputation among clients and in your industry.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can work on:

  • Speed 

Website speed is crucial in attracting and retaining visitors. The loading time of your site should meet the expectation of the users. If it loads for more than three seconds, you’re likely to lose 53 percent of visitors, particularly mobile users. Google emphasizes that the longer your page loads, the more frustrated your visitors would be, which can encourage them to leave the site. 

  • Responsive Design

With responsive design, you may be able to capture prospects who use mobile devices and PCs to look for legal services. A mobile-friendly site is particularly crucial since nearly 78 percent of American adults own a smartphone.

If people can’t view your law firm’s site on their phones, you may lose visits and potential clients. If it loads too long on mobile devices, you could also lose opportunities.

In 2018, Google launched its “speed update.” This update can have an impact on the ranking performance of pages with slow loading speed. Mobile speed should be your priority to prevent your conversion rates from decreasing and improve your online performance.

  • Design 

When designing your website, consider its primary purpose: to attract and inform your potential customers. Your site should also provide compelling and informative content to capture interest and convert prospects into clients. It should communicate your services and how they differ from other law firms.

Consider adding media to your website, too. Not all visitors want to read; some may prefer to watch a video or look at images. Know that 25 percent of people use YouTube to look for legal topics online. But set your firm apart by presenting high-quality videos with crisp sound. Make sure that your visually-driven content creates an exceptional and definitive representation of your brand as a legal service.

Once you’ve created and optimized your site, the next step is to broaden your visibility online.

Expand Your Digital Footprint

Increasing your SERPs ranking can be challenging, and it can take time before you achieve your desired results. So you need to invest in other strategies, such as local SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing, to expand your digital footprint. 

When it comes to local SEO, it can easily increase your ranking. This approach targets consumers within your area of service. It improves your visibility because local results are the first thing that searchers see. 

PPC, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy that allows you to secure a spot on SERPs in exchange for a fee. Managing your PPC advertisement would require several tasks, but some tactics can make PPC management more efficient. For example, automating specific processes can improve monitoring for your campaigns.

Social media platforms, meanwhile, allow you to reach a broader audience and make your law firm approachable. In 2018, there were 3.196 billion active social media users worldwide. Staying active on social media can increase your exposure and boost your traffic by 78 percent.

But navigating social media can be tricky and require a lot of your time. Engagement calls for timely, up-to-date posts, whether you choose to be on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. And those posts also have to adhere to prevailing ethical standards as set by the American Bar Association and relevant bodies.

As such, it pays to have an experienced and reliable digital marketing firm to help you make the most of opportunities online.

Our team understands the unique needs of law firms. We can help you come up with strategies that meet your requirements and enable you to comply with ethical guidelines. 

Looking to build an effective law firm digital marketing strategy? Contact the lawyer marketing experts today for more information.

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