5 Areas of Law Firm Digital Marketing Every Attorney Should Focus On in 2019

Back in the day, when the idea of the internet was so novel it was almost science fiction to develop a law firm digital marketing strategy. Most people used the Yellow Pages to look for the contact information of law firms offering the services they need. Since January 2019, Yellow Pages has stopped printing directories and lawyer marketing changed to become one click away on people’s computers and mobile devices.

People’s migration to online search is evident in legal practices. A 2014 survey conducted by Thomson Reuters revealed that 38 percent of their 1,000 respondents would consult the Web as a primary source of information. This is followed by asking relatives or friends for recommendations (29%) and going straight to the local bar association (10%). Only 4 percent said they’d consult Yellow Pages.

The number of people turning to online search has only continued to grow since then. According to the World Bank, about 88.5 percent of the American population are internet users. As more and more people turn to the ease and access that the internet provides, law firms are challenged to keep up.

Legal practices are everywhere, so it’s hard to stand out, especially online. However, law firms should consider utilizing the merits of digital marketing to be more searchable on the internet. With that said, let’s discuss online marketing for law firms and what you should be focusing on.

1. Investing in a Dynamic Website

As the saying goes, first impressions count. When potential clients are searching online for the services you offer, you need to be prepared to appear in the results. This means that your website must be responsive and optimized for any device. What’s more, your website should have a visually winning design to build an effective law firm digital marketing strategy.

If a person clicks on the link to your site and doesn’t obtain a positive experience from your site’s design and layout, they will most likely click back to the search engine results page (SERP). Your bounce rate goes up, a signal to Google that people aren’t satisfied with your content. As a result, your rank on SERPs would go down. It’s not going to matter if you’re the best lawyer across the state. If that quality isn’t reflecting on your site, you’ll lose potential clients.

So, what makes for a good website? It should be easily navigable, responsive, has valuable content and visual appeal.

2. Creating Valuable Law Firm Digital Marketing Content

One of the most important features of a website is its content. Whatever you write on your site can make or break your online marketing strategy. As one of the leading digital techniques today, content marketing is what you do to keep your site visitors stay longer because they’ve found the thing they’re looking for in your copy. 

The reason this online marketing technique is especially effective for law firms is that blogging is a way for you to showcase your expertise. With blog posts, readers would have better insights into the services you offer and how they’re applied in real life.

What’s more, blog posts directly from you give your content a certain level of authority because you’re an expert in the field. You’ll be able to write factual and trustworthy pieces that answer people’s questions. When you set up sharing options, you can boost traffic to your site. As a result, your page will have a higher potential to rank on top of SERPs, making your site more visible and accessible to potential clients.

3. Gathering Testimonials and Customer Reviews

In ReviewTrackers’ 2018 Online Reviews Report, the organization revealed that 63.6 percent of consumers check Google reviews before visiting a brick-and-mortar store or online shop. The report also states that customers do not completely trust businesses with lower than 4-star ratings.

These figures alone show that online reviews are a driving force behind customers’ buying behavior. That’s why after providing quality services for your clients, make sure that you have a place where they can talk about it.

You may also gather written testimonials from past clients and display it on a central location on your website. Potential clients are likely to read customer testimonials. These are their basis on whether they could (and should) trust you. Testimonials also act as a form of a portfolio for you or your firm that shows whether you consistently deliver great services.

4. Submitting Your Site to Law Directories

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important law firm digital marketing strategies today, and one of the most important SEO tools is quality backlinks. When a reputable website links back to your site, it tells Google or any other search engine that you provide relevant content to users, thus improving your search rankings.

Good backlinks aren’t easy to achieve. But, one option is to have your firm listed on local and national law directories. These websites link back to your site whenever users search something that’s relevant to your practice. Essentially, online directories are the modern Yellow Pages.

Apart from the benefits that backlinks from directories will give your site, these are also the very websites where they may leave reviews, the importance of which we’ve already established. To get you started, here are some of the most popular directories where you can list your law firm:

  • Nolo.com
  • Findlaw.com
  • Hg.org
  • Yelp.com

5. Building Your Social Media Presence

Another key component of a successful law firm digital marketing strategy is having a strong social media presence. However, it’s not enough to just be online. You should consider using your social media accounts as a way to further promote your services.

For legal professionals, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram do not particularly evoke a sense of professionalism. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t use those platforms, consider establishing your presence in a more professional site like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for serious professionals. In fact, it is sometimes dubbed as the “Facebook for professionals.” Legal and business-related social sites use LinkedIn to build a network of professional contacts.

Effective Digital Marketing for Law Firms

One of the most competitive fields online is the field of law. Legal practices can be found almost anywhere. If you want to stand out, make sure you’re doing digital marketing right. Let Revenue Boomers help you out in that department.

We offer various online marketing services for law firms, including SEO, Pay Per Click, web design, and content and social media marketing.

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SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide

Ultimate SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide: Legal SEO Tips (2019)

The ultimate search engine optimization (SEO) law firm marketing guide teaches lawyers how to rank #1 on Google — breaking down the steps of SEO one by one for law firms. As a legal SEO agency, we specialize in search engine optimization for attorneys.

What is Local SEO For Lawyers?

Local search engine optimization for lawyers is the most effective marketing method to get organic leads for law firms. It’s important to note that the top three positions in Google search results receive about 60 to 80% of the clicks. Thus, if your legal practice is not ranking at the top of Google, you are losing money to your competition.

SEO for attorneys begins with analyzing strategies that have worked for your local competitors — no need to recreate the wheel when building an SEO strategy. As a local SEO specialist, we understand how to research your top competitor’s keyword rankings effectively.  

Ranking #1 on Google does not happen overnight. Local SEO for legal firms is a long-term marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is a tedious process that requires technical knowledge of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Breaking Down SEO For Lawyers

The algorithms created by Google make it one of the most complex search engines in the world. The goal of Google’s search engine is to satisfy the end user. Meaning, when a user types in a certain search phrase, known as a keyword, the algorithm populates a list of relevant search results to satisfy the end user. Thus, the most relevant websites rank at the top.

A series of algorithms created by Google determine how a website ranks in search engines. These algorithms are meant to prevent website owners from manipulating search engines. Ultimately building more trust with end users.

Some of Google’s most powerful ranking algorithms include:




Rank Brain

Mobile Friendly Update


Humming Bird




Continue reading if you are a lawyer wondering how google ranks legal websites.

Will SEO Work For My Legal Practice?

Yes, SEO works for all legal practices. The lawyer SEO strategies mentioned in this legal marketing blog work for:

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Lawyers  
  • Legal Firms
  • Patent Lawyers
  • Business Attorneys
  • Startup Lawyers
  • Blockchain Lawyers
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Mediation Lawyers
  • National Law Firms
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Solo Attorneys
  • Family Lawyers
  • Car Accident Lawyers
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • …And Much More

The majority of lawyer websites in the Google sandbox are poorly optimized for SEO. On the other hand, legal companies that rank on the first page of Google’s search results are most likely optimized by a professional SEO agency.


The end goal of search engine optimization for lawyers is to land more clients.

Search engine marketing for lawyers is here to stay. Start taking advantage of SEO today to get more leads.

Learn how to find the most relevant keywords to your business with tips from a professional SEO specialist. For example, if you are a family law attorney, your SEO strategy would focus on keywords related to child custody, divorce attorneys, and so forth.

Find out how to build the best SEO strategy, whether it’s marketing for solo attorneys or marketing for personal injury lawyers. Your business is most likely not ranking at the top of Google if your law firm website is not generating leads. As a Boston SEO company, we have ranked several clients on the first page of Google with the SEO tips shared in this blog article.

For more law firm SEO tips watch this YouTube video.

SEO For Lawyers
SEO For Lawyers


Digital marketing for lawyers has become extremely important in the age of smartphones and mobile searches. Today, law firm web marketing starts on Google. The value of ranking for organic keywords can vary for each client and is extremely profitable over time.

As a local SEO agency in Boston, we constantly monitor our client’s rankings to keep them on the first page of Google. Law firms can take advantage of local SEO for attorneys by hiring an SEO specialist to outrank their competition.

The ultimate SEO law firm marketing guide explains how to rank on Google effectively. Want more local lawyer SEO tips? Contact the professional law firm marketing consultants to get an SEO audit to learn how to get more leads online.

Benefits of Local SEO For Attorneys

The benefits of ranking #1 on Google for a law firm is priceless. Imagine getting twenty to fifty new clients per month from organic traffic, whether you are a personal injury lawyer or high profile, criminal defense attorney. More leads to equal more profits.

However, a poorly optimized website is counterproductive to the search engine marketing efforts of lawyers. Understand the value of monthly traffic for each keyword that you rank.

Make sure that your legal practice’s website is mobile friendly as well. If not, your SEO ranking will suffer. Watch the best local SEO for lawyers video that explains the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms and attorneys in the United States.

The law firm marketing team focuses on helping attorneys by explaining the full benefits of search engine optimization for lawyers. Find the best lawyer SEO company today for all your law firm SEO needs.

Find affordable SEO services for solo attorneys and law firms from trusted legal SEO professionals.

Lawyer SEO Marketing
Lawyer SEO Marketing

SEO Law Firm Marketing Strategies

As an experienced legal SEO company, we have proven strategies that rank law firm websites on the first page of Google.

A lawyers SEO strategy must aim to answer potential clients questions to build trust and authority in search engines. For example, when it comes to content marketing for lawyers, it’s best to optimize your law firms website with search phrases that answer the questions a client might ask if they were recently arrested or face legal issues.

If your internet marketing strategy for lawyers does not include content marketing, you are losing potential clients to your competition.

The goal of the ultimate SEO law firm marketing guide is to explain the importance of building an effective SEO strategy for attorneys. This legal blog explains everything lawyers need to know about search engine optimization from the best SEO specialists in Boston.

Google My Business For Lawyers

It’s extremely difficult to rank in the local Google Maps without taking advantage of Google My Business for lawyers.

No matter if you are an attorney that handles personal injury cases or criminal law cases around the United States. Update your Google My Business profile with pictures of your law practice.

If you are an attorney looking to learn more about Google My Business and local SEO, this video is a must watch. It teaches law firms how to research keywords to rank in search engines.

Book an SEO consultation if your legal website is not listed in the top three of the Google map pack search results.

Legal SEO Keyword Research

The first step to local SEO for lawyers is keyword research. The second critical step is on page optimization. Finally, the last phase is off page optimization.

This SEO article walks attorneys through each phase of keyword research to rank their website on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Understanding how to do keyword research for attorneys is critical to the success of every law firm marketing strategy. Whether it’s keyword research, keyword grouping, or keyword mapping, each page on a website must be optimized for the main keyword, in addition to LSI keywords.

Once the most relevant keywords are researched, the next step is to layout the SEO marketing strategy based on the completed keyword lists.

On-Page SEO Law Firm Marketing

On-page SEO for law firms is critical to ranking on the first page of Google.

Optimizing for on-page SEO includes content creation, internal linking, external linking, image optimization, alt tags, heading tags, page word count, blogs, and much more whether the client is a Boston lawyer or has a law office around the United States.

To avoid getting overwhelmed with on-page search engine optimization, we recommend you hire experienced SEO professionals for all your on-page SEO implementations in addition to building yours on-page SEO content marketing strategy.

Enjoy more information on optimizing content for on-page SEO here.

Off-Page SEO Law Firm Marketing

Avoid the pitfalls off-page SEO for attorneys by understanding how to build quality backlinks, citations, guest blogs and much more to rank your legal practice #1 across search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  

Building backlinks is an off page optimization factor to ranking a website in search engines for lawyers. In the SEO audit for lawyers video, we noticed that the law offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman had over 19,000 backlinks.

The main strategy for off-page optimization is content marketing and link building. If you’re wondering what is content marketing and link building? A combination of the two includes:

  • Video Marketing for Lawyers
  • Building Citations in Business Directories
  • Guest Posting
  • Publishing PR Articles
  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Syndicating Content
  • Tiered Link Building
  • Trusted Private Blog Networks
  • …And Much More.

SEO for lawyers is done in a series of steps. The first step is keyword research. Then on page optimization. And lastly off page optimization.

If you have a started building backlinks to your legal website without optimizing each page, It will affect your overall SEO strategy,

Consult with the best law firm SEO company to understand the importance of creating an effective marketing plan for your law office.  We are a legal digital marketing agency that follows the guidelines set by Google too long term search engine optimization strategy for legal clients.

Lawyer SEO Marketing Tools (2019)

As a legal marketing agency, we have several tools that we use to help our clients rank on the first page of Google. Some of the main tools we use are:

You come to the right place for SEO tips if your legal practice is searching for any of the related search phrases:

  • Best SEO Agency for Lawyers
  • Law Firm SEO Companies near me
  • Best SEO Company for Lawyers
  • Attorney Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Best SEO Services for Lawyers
  • Law Firm Web Marketing
  • Best SEO for Law Firm Websites
  • SEO for Legal Firms

Local Law Firm SEO Case Study

The goal of local SEO for lawyers is to get more website visitors to your law firm.

This is the research process we use to help law firm clients rank for local SEO. We used a tool called Keywords Everywhere to find the data on any given keyword. For purposes of this article, we use the typed the search phrase “Boston Lawyers.”

As of May 18, 2019, the keyword “Boston Lawyers” gets an estimated 1,000 monthly searches. The estimated cost per click (CPC) that advertisers pay is around $14.41 for each click.

Ultimate SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide:Boston Lawyers Keyword Local SEO MA

The local SEO portion of Google search results showcases the top three law firms for the keyword “Boston Lawyers.”

Ultimate SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide:Boston Lawyers Local SEO Search Results
Boston Lawyers Local SEO Search Results

When this article was originally written in March 2019, the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman was top of the search results for the keyword “Boston Lawyers. “

SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide: Law Offices of Jeffrey S Glassman
Ultimate SEO Law Firm Marketing Guide

Updating this blog for lawyers on May 18, 2019, Serpa Law Office has moved to the number one spot of Google. Leaving The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman in the fourth position. Lawyer SEO is a never-ending battle with competitors on Google.

Boston Lawyers Keyword More Places Search Results

A national lawyer directory named Justia is ranking #1 for the keyword “Boston lawyers in the organic search results.

Boston Lawyers Organic SEO Search Results
Boston Lawyers Organic SEO Search Results


The SEO law firm marketing case study on Jeffrey S. Glassman showcases how SEO for attorneys works.

The video blog explains how lawyers can increase their online web presence — presenting a case study on a Boston law firm. Looking at the homepage of the Boston personal injury lawyers Jeffrey S. Glassman, we can analyze their SEO strategy.

Researching the main keywords for the homepage is the first step to ranking a lawyers website. One of the most powerful SEO tool for law firm marketing when it comes to on-page optimization is Cognitive SEO.

The challenge for any law firm marketing strategy is finding a company that provides SEO legal services that delivers results. As a trusted SEO company that works with law offices around the United States, we create the best SEO content for lawyers.

Most legal SEO companies forget the importance of providing law firm SEO tips. As the top lawyer SEO consultants, its a must that we educate legal officials on the difference between local, organic, and national SEO. Whether they are criminal defense attorneys, car accident attorneys, or work in any other field.   SEO applies for solo attorneys, lawyers, and law firms. One thing to note is it usually takes longer to rank targeting national SEO keywords.

Referral marketing for lawyers is not enough to keep a law firm profitable. Learn how SEO law firm marketing can help you reach your goals with a free SEO consultation.

We’re going to finish up where we started on the previous video to show you an SEO audit that we use for all our clients.

Finding the best SEO company for lawyers is critical to getting more leads.  
As the top legal marketing agency in Boston, we focus on delivering results to all of our attorney clients around the United States.

SEO Law Firm Marketing Tips
SEO Law Firm Marketing Tips

SEO Law Firm Marketing Consultants

We provide law firm SEO consulting services for attorneys around the country.

This video audit will help any business or law firm marketing strategist that wants assistance with SEO coaching, SEO training, or SEO consulting.

SEO for lawyers is highly important to law firm marketing. Pay per click ads for attorneys is expensive. An alternative to PPC ads for law firms is to find the top SEO agency for lawyers.  

SEO for legal firms can be a daunting task without an SEO company. That is why all our clients hired a top legal digital marketing agency — top notch SEO legal services from technical SEO specialist with years of experience.

Search engine optimization is here to stay as consumers rely on Google and Bing to find attorneys. If you have no clue what SEO is, watch the previously recorded video series on SEO for lawyers that focuses on a Boston law firm named Jeffrey S. Glassman. The SEO case study provides an in-depth explanation of the term SEO and how to outrank your competitors.

Contact the best SEO for legal firms experts today, and you will learn how to take advantage of search engines for lawyers.

SEO Law Firm Marketing Audit

The search engine optimization audit sets the foundation on the approach that works great when we do SEO for lawyers. Any attorney looking for somebody to help with their law firm local SEO strategy has come to the right place.

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in digital marketing for lawyers. Find exceptional services of SEO for small law firms and large law firms from the best legal marketing agency.

As Boston law firm SEO experts, the goal is to answer all SEO related questions with the foundational SEO audit. The video above explains how we do SEO audits for our clients using Cognitive SEO.

After filling out the SEO audit based on the business type, audience, keyword targeting, and more the law firm marketing client has a better idea of how to improve their local SEO strategy.

Most importantly, as law firm SEO experts, we ensure each client understands the conversion value of each potential lead.   

Waste no more time improving your online presence with the law firm marketing SEO experts in Boston. Get an SEO audit by the law firm SEO experts.

Future of SEO Law Firm Marketing

Trying to understand how search engines work for lawyers while also managing cases in a courtroom can become overwhelming.

A critical component of law firm web marketing is ranking in search engines.

No need to go alone trying to rank at the top of Google search engines.

When it comes to local SEO for lawyers, find a legal marketing agency to do the heavy lifting for you.

Reach out to a trusted search engine optimization company in the United States with proven law firm marketing strategies.

Get in touch with the top SEO legal services in Boston today!

Book a call here.

The majority of lawyer websites in Google sandbox are poorly optimized for SEO. On the other hand, legal companies that rank on the first page of Google’s search results are most likely optimized by a professional SEO agency.

The end goal of search engine optimization for lawyers is to land more clients.

Search engine marketing for lawyers is here to stay. Start taking advantage of SEO today to get more leads.

Learn how to find the most relevant keywords to your business with tips from a professional SEO specialist. For example, if you are a family law attorney, your SEO strategy would focus on keywords related to child custody, divorce attorneys, and so forth.

Find out how to build the best SEO strategy, whether it’s marketing for solo attorneys or marketing for personal injury lawyers. Your business is most likely not ranking at the top of Google if your law firm website is not generating leads. As a Boston SEO company, we have ranked several clients on the first page of Google with the SEO tips shared in this blog article.

For more law firm SEO tips watch this YouTube video.