FAQ Revenue Boomers Social Media Marketing Agency

Why Market Your Company Online? 

1.) Marketing on the web and social media have proven to be beneficial for today’s businesses:

A.) The internet has revolutionized today’s marketing campaigns.

B.) Online exposure is crucial for every business.

C.) 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012)

How Do I Increase My Revenue with Digital  Marketing?

A.) Facebook ads allow businesses to hyper-target their consumer audience and stay in touch with their customer base.

B.) Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads. They drive traffic to a client’s business. We will also encourage our customer’s followers to hashtag(#companyname) to create a trending Instagram page for our clients.

C.) Twitter is great to promote events or special offers on the companies Facebook or Instagram page. Businesses can build their connections with local bloggers and PR firms to increase exposure. Twitter is a great medium to stay up to date with local events as well.

D.) Certain content on Youtube can go viral if companies understand the strategies and techniques to attract viewers to their videos. Youtube ads also increase a businesses exposure.

E.) Mega giveaway ads on Facebook and Instagram are great to build a client’s email list. The giveaways can include coupons or select offers that promote that attracts new customers.

F.) Google is the number one search engine. Every company needs to maximize their search engine optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic. Google Adwords is also an option for paid traffic depending on the marketing budget of the client.

Do you have different price packages?

Of course! We understand that each business will have a unique budget to fit their marketing needs. Our prices are flexible. We offer a variety of price packages. Any specific questions feel free to send us an email at CliffPierre@RevenueBoomers.com

What do you offer in each package?

The benefits of each package will vary based on the marketing budget of each client.

What’s your return policy?

Money back guarantee (50%) based on packages chosen. Always willing to work with customers to ensure satisfaction! Send us an email for more details.