Facebook Advertising Business Package


The Facebook advertising business package is an all in one social media package that covers

Facebook ads, content creation, brand monitoring, social media management, and more.

Key Features:

Recommended Campaign Length: 12 Months

Profiles Setup: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Number of Posts Per Month: 8 (cross-posted on Twitter & LinkedIn)

Maximum Ads Per Month: 8 sponsored posts with placements on Facebook, Instagram,

Messenger, and Facebook’s Audience Network

Available Objectives: Page Promotion, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation

Number of Hyper-Targeted Audiences: Up to 5

Benefits of The Facebook Advertising Business Package:

• Covers all Facebook marketing and social media management with dedicated social media consulting hours.

• Professional content management with blended content provided in a one month calendar

for review and approval at the start of each month.

• Social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding, persona, engagement

strategy, content strategy, and verticals.

• Customizable goals for Facebook account to meet specific objectives for your business.

• Turnkey social media service that handles everything from ideation of your content.

calendar to optimizing your advertising post campaigns.

• Hyper-targeted audiences on Facebook to reach users who are most susceptible to what

your business.

• Dashboard access to see your content and suggest revisions before it get published to

your profile.

• Fresh content calendar updated every month.

• Monthly reports with recommendations: Social Media Assessment, Social Media Content

Plan, Social Media Insights.

Why Market on Social Media?

• Facebook is the biggest social media network that sits at 2.2 billion monthly active users.

• Over 50 million businesses are activate on the social media with higher relevancy for

professionals on LinkedIn.

• More than 450 million people shop on social media networks daily.


A.) Traffic – Create Facebook marketing strategy to generate traffic to your store.

B.) Awareness – Build awareness for your brand on Facebook with targeted customers.

C.) Conversion – Get more customers to call your store using Facebook ads.

D.) Engagement – Launch engagement campaigns to increase user activity.

I.) Month 1: Facebook Advertising Business Package Campaign Setup & Optimization

The Process:

A.) Social Media Assessment

We audit the client’s social media pages and give initial recommendations to improve their


B.) Social Media Playbook Creation

The tone of voice to use, the products to talk about, and the brand persona is established here. This will contain the audience profile and projected reach and results of the advertised posts based on the given budget.

C.) Social Media Content Plan & Calendar Creation

The playbook gets updated every month to serve as a calibration tool and includes the content roadmap and calendar.

D.) Page and Advertised Post Monitoring

Your pages are checked daily for comments and messages while running Facebook ads throughout the campaign cycle.

E.) Social Media Insights

Monthly reports include analysis of the cycle’s results and recommendations for the next cycles.

F.) Facebook Consulting and Strategy Development

A personalized digital marketing strategy is developed to effectively grow your business with

content engagement campaigns to drive traffic to Facebook posts, websites, promotional offers

and more.

• Facebook Ads Manager Consultation

• Facebook Audience Insights Explanation

• Facebook Targeting Discussion

G.) Business Account Management

• Competitor Research

• Response Track

• Audience Targeting

• Budget Recommendation

• Brand Persona

• Audience Persona

• Communication Guidelines

• Content Strategy

H.) Facebook Optimization

• Custom URL

• Page Categories

• Professional Profile Picture

• Professional Cover Photo

• Update Contact Details

• Update Page Call-to-Action Button

• Optimize About Page

• Professional Story Graphic

• Auto Responder Setup

• Setup Facebook Pixel

• Creation of 2 Unique Audiences

I.) Twitter (Creation and/or Optimization)

• Professional Profile Picture

• Professional Header Image

• Update Twitter Bio

• Update Contact Details

• Cross Posting of Content

• Inclusion of Relevant Hashtags

J.) LinkedIn (Creation and/or Optimization)

• Professional Profile Picture

• Professional Banner Photo

• About Page Update

• Cross posting of Content

K.) Content Creation

• 4 posts published to your profiles that will also run as ads for Page

Promotion, Brand Awareness, Engagement, or Lead Generation

• Social Media Insights Creation

II.) Month 2 And Onwards: Publishing Content

A.) Facebook Ad Campaigns Optimized for Conversions

• Targeted Facebook ads to find more clients with audience insights, behavioral

targeting, and demographic targeting.

• Variation between reach ads, engagement ads, lead ads, and more to effectively

target prospect customers.

• Consult client on creating viral videos to build brand awareness.

B.) Publishing Calendar

• 8 images published to your profile that we will also run as ads on Facebook

• – 1 ad for page promotion

• – 5 ads for post engagement

• – 4 ads for one of the following objectives: brand awareness, traffic, or lead


• Cross posting to Twitter and LinkedIn.

• Monitor ads and page engagement

REVENUE BOOMERS | Social Media Marketing Agency 6

C.) Copywriting

• Use PAS system (problem, agitate, solution) to effectively target specific

Facebook users.

D.) Retargeting Campaigns

• Develop retargeting strategies based on analytical data gathered from previous

advertisements to retarget users that engaged with your Facebook page.

• Set up Facebook Pixel on client’s website.

• Launch retargeting campaigns.

• Create custom audiences based on retargeting data.

E.) Look-Alike Audiences

• Create lookalike audiences to target active users on Facebook to increase sales.

F.) Split Testing

• Split test marketing strategy for Facebook ads to optimize for audience, content

and copy to reduce waste in ad spend while also finding the best converting


G.) Data Analysis Report

• Schedule bi-weekly reports to analyze the compiled data from Facebook

advertising campaigns to assess cost per conversions and relevance scores to

assess growth.


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