Instagram Advertising Starter Package


The Instagram advertising starter package is perfect for companies looking to expand their social media marketing strategies to increase sales. 

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Experienced advertisement specialist monitoring your account to innovate your marketing strategies and engagement on Instagram.
  • Advanced growth strategies based on hashtag research and data to assist in niche specific growth and marketing.
  • Viral growth consultation to increase exposure and organic engagement.

Instagram Consulting and Strategy Development

  • A personalized digital marketing strategy is developed to effectively grow your business with content engagement campaigns to boost traffic to clients Instagram account.
  • Develop marketing strategy to target users based on the niche of the client.
  • Create several targeted ads to drive traffic to clients website.

Instagram Advertising Campaigns Optimized for Conversions

  • Targeted Instagram ads to find more clients using audience insights, behavioral targeting, and demographic targeting.
  • Variation between video view ads, engagement ads, lead ads, conversion ads and more to effectively target prospect customers.
  • Consult client on creating viral content to highlight company.
  • Like, share, tag and comment engagement campaigns to increase brand awareness.

Instagram Advertising Retargeting Campaigns

  • Develop retargeting strategies based on analytical data gathered from advertisements to retarget users familiar with client’s company

Look-Alike Audiences

  • Create lookalike audiences to target active users on Instagram to increase sales.


  • Use PAS system (problem, agitate, solution) to effectively target specific Instagram users.

Data Analysis Report

  • Schedule weekly reports to analyze the compiled data from Instagram advertising campaigns to assess cost per conversions and relevance scores to assess growth.

Split Testing

  • Split test Instagram ads to optimize marketing strategy to reduce waste in ad spend.


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