YouTube Advertising Starter Package


YouTube advertising package allows the client to build their brand awareness with video advertisements. 

YouTube Ranking Consultation

  • Consultation on the importance of YouTube ranking.
  • Rank videos on YouTube with specific keywords to increase YouTube SEO.
  • Consult client on effective strategies to rank YouTube videos including effective thumbnails.

YouTube Keyword Research

  • Consultation on keyword research for title, description, and tags for YouTube advertising videos.
  • Create effective long tail keyword strategy to rank for several keywords in one video.

Targeted Video Advertisements on YouTube

  • Targeted pay-per-click YouTube advertisements videos to increase subscribers while gaining more exposure to increase brand awareness.
  • Consultation on delivering targeted ads towards a specific audience.
  • Consultation on running ads on your competitors’ videos (placement ads).
  • Advance consultation on YouTube ads.


  • Text ad creation and optimization with annotations and in stream call to actions.
  • Effective copywriting strategies to encourage users to click subscribe button.
  • Test multiple video ads to get the best results.
  • Develop copywriting strategy

YouTube Advertising Data Analysis Report

  • All the data we compile while running ads are essential to scaling.
  • Optimize ads based on data compiled from YouTube.
  • Coach team on optimizing YouTube ads.

Split Testing

  • Split test YouTube advertising to improve marketing strategies that also reduce waste in ad spend by optimizing ad copy, images, targeting, funnels, landing pages and more.
  • Cost-effective ad spend with a $5 testing budget learning from YouTube’s smart technology.
  • Report results on split tests.


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