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According to Statista, over 4.4 billion people globally, are active internet users. This means that a large section of your Marijuana dispensary market can come from internet, but only if your website is visible to potential buyers. To make your website visible you need to hire a SEO agency that specializes in dispensary SEO services. Whether you need a CBD SEO specialist or Cannabis SEO professional we are the go search engine optimization company in Boston. We can get you in front of more customers by building a personalized SEO strategy just for you. Keep reading if you have not heard of dispensary SEO marketing.

In any industry, the only way to stand out of competition is to be the most visible, in addition to offering the best products and services. The same principle applies to internet marketing for dispensaries. When the potential buyer sees your dispensary website first before any other site; they are more likely to visit your lace of business.

This is only possible through search engine optimization. Google will only display your website to a user if the content in your site meets the end users requests.

What is Dispensary Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Every time an internet user types a search term on a search engine, results appear which contain websites that the search engine considered the most relevant to the search term.

Search engines are designed to rank web pages and content based on the satisfaction of internet users. They carry out three functions: crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Crawling – The search engines will use crawlers to look over content such as a webpage, image, or video to find new or updated content. 

Indexing – They will store the discovered URL in a search engine index for retrieval in the case that content in the URL turns out to be a matching answer to a search term.

Ranking – The content that best answers the query is organized, with the most relevant appearing first and least relevant appearing last. Humans tend to have a very short attention span, and most people will hardly visit more than two sites in on the search results page. This is why you need to have your marijuana dispensary website on the first page of Google with Cannabis SEO marketing. 

For your content to be visible to search engines, and ranked as the most relevant, you need to optimize your website with on page and off page SEO. Search engine optimization for dispensaries can boost sales by driving organic traffic to your site.

Principles of Marijuana Dispensary SEO

Search Engine Optimization tactics and tools are always evolving, and so does Google’s algorithms. A SEO agency ensures that your website is well maintained based on the latest SEO trends and technologies.

Search Engine Optimization agencies such as the Revenue Boomers, the best SEO Company in Boston, will use specific dispensary SEO marketing strategies to ensure your site receives targeted traffic.

As much as the SEO tactics change, the following principals of organic SEO remain the same:  

Relevant content and Links

Your content needs to be of high quality and relevant to the topic. The more the content in the site satisfies the purpose of the page, the better your website ranks. High-quality content also attracts backlinks, which are a major factor that affects your site’s performance on search engines. The more high-quality backlinks you acquire, the higher your site will rank.

Use of Keywords

Keywords remain to be an essential aspect of Dispensary SEO. However, keyword stuffing is no longer necessary and could lead to a search penalty. Web crawlers are now able to analyze words related to the keywords and match these to the searchers intent. Be keen to have keywords that focus on your user’s need to reduce the bounce rate.

Long Tail Cannabis SEO Keywords

Using long-tail keywords helps you attract users searching for exactly what you are offering.  Use the keyword in the H1 title tags and H2 to H4 header tags, page descriptions, meta descriptions, and image descriptions. Titles and header tags are especially important in making your content readable to both users and the search engines.

Ease of Navigation

Your site should be easy to navigate, both for users and the search engine. When a page is easy to use, it increases dwell time and reduces the bounce rate. Search engines are able to crawl all the pages, and this improves your site’s ranking. 

Website Page Speed

The user experience depends on the structure and layout of your site. Ensure page speed loads in 2-3 seconds maximum by using faster servers and image compression. A UX professional can help optimize your website for the user experience.

Use of Title & Meta Description

Create a meta description that contains the keyword and informs the reader of what your page is all about. The aim is to convince the user to click on your link, and because it contains what they need, have them stay in the page. A dispensary SEO marketing agency will optimize the meta description to contain what potential customers are likely to be looking for. For instance, it may include names of popular products your dispensary is selling.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Users

Your focus should not be on desktop users only; your website should run smoothly on mobile devices as well. The website performance in terms of speed, user-friendliness, and content quality should be consistent across desktops and mobile devices. Google has introduced the mobile-first index, which means that the search engine will use the mobile version of your site as the starting point of what to include in their index. If your website lacks a mobile-friendly version, it negatively impacts your ranking.

Use Social Media

The higher your social media engagement, the more search engines will trust your website and rank you higher. Have an engaging blog on your site and provide the option to share content through platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For each social media share, Google records it as a social signal, which is an indication that consumers are talking about your product. It reflects positively on your search engine ranking. So besides focusing on sharing your website link, be sure to have a notable presence on social media.

How Does Marijuana Dispensary SEO Marketing Work?

Most people new to the concept of SEO for dispensaries have their doubt on whether SEO marketing can work in increasing their conversion rate. But it all boils down to the SEO agency you choose. The right agency should have vast experience in SEO marketing. They should know how to rank a dispensary online and create a SEO marketing strategy based on what has worked for previous clients.

Our SEO specialist are knowledgeable on cannabis-related keywords and understand how to produce quality content that drives traffic to a marijuana dispensary. A tactic that was working in 2015 as an effective marijuana SEO marketing tool, is likely to have changed in 2019. For this reason, the search engine optimization marketing agency should employ a SEO strategy that is currently trending that is tailored to bring positive results to your website.

Your marijuana SEO marketing agency will first analyze your existing organic traffic before applying any SEO strategies to have a clear picture of what your audience prefers and is interested in. They will look at the content and the products that attract most traffic and use this information to attract more customers while retaining existing customers.

Common Mistakes that Hinder a Dispensary SEO Marketing Strategy

Here are some moves that could hinder your SEO strategy from working.

1.) Differences between your mobile website page and desktop page

Like earlier mentioned, Google has adopted the mobile-first index strategy, discrepancies between your mobile and desktop navigation can hurt your SEO efforts.

2) Plagiarism, fillers, and fluff

Search engines no longer use the quantity of content as a measure of ranking websites. They focus more on the quality of the content, originality, and how well it meets the user’s needs. Copying content from other websites to increase your pages only attracts hefty penalties.

3) Buying links

Since backlinks tend to raise a website’s rank on the internet, some website owners and SEO marketing agencies may opt to buy links from other sites. Google, however, is against this. As much as the search engine favors sites with backlinks, they are keen on the quality of the source. It ignores links from spam websites and penalizes sites that are discovered buying backlinks. 

4) Standard Markup Language

Your website is not going to be in the index if crawlers are unable to navigate it. Always try to have your menu items in HTML or HTMLS 

In Conclusion

Using marijuana dispensary SEO strategies to attract online customers may be the best move you make for your cannabis business. It is sure to increase your conversion rate, which translates to higher profitability for your business. 

No one SEO tactic is guaranteed to improve your dispensary SEO marketing campaign. It all depends on the expertise of your SEO marketing agency and their ability to blend various tools and tactics to boost traffic to your website.

When selecting a Boston Cannabis SEO agency, ensure that they have lots of experience in offering SEO services across various industries. This guarantees that they have in-depth knowledge of SEO strategies that work and will optimize your website to rank best among your competitors. 

In addition, the right SEO Company in Boston will offer free marijuana dispensary SEO audits for its qualified customers. In addition to a free dispensary SEO consultation to ensure that your website is ranked on the first page of Google. 

Be sure to book a free SEO consultation to learn how to achieve your desired results. They should not deviate from Google’s recommended practices and rules. Working with a team of dispensary SEO experts and professionals that stand behind their work. Invest in a SEO marketing agency and watch your revenue multiply.

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