YouTube Advertising Package

Small business YouTube Advertising Package Boston

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The Boston YouTube advertising package allows the client to build brand awareness with video advertisements. 

YouTube Ranking Consultation

  • Consultation on the importance of YouTube ranking.
  • Rank videos on YouTube with specific keywords to increase YouTube SEO.
  • Consult client on effective strategies to rank YouTube videos including effective thumbnails.
YouTube Advertising Package
youtube keyword research

YouTube Advertising Package SEO Keyword Research


  • Consultation on YouTube SEO for keyword research.
  • YouTube SEO consultation on title, description, and tags for YouTube advertising videos.
  • Create effective YouTube SEO long tail keyword strategy to rank for several keywords in one video.
  • Boston YouTube advertising experts will create a list of suggested YouTube SEO keywords for each client.  

Targeted Video Advertisements on YouTube

  • Targeted pay-per-click YouTube advertisements videos to increase subscribers to gain more brand awareness.
  • YouTube advertising consultation on delivering targeted video ads for a specific audience.
  • Consultation on running YouTube ads on your competitors’ videos also known as placement ads.
  • Advance consultation on the objective for YouTube TrueView Discovery Ads to increase sales.
Targeted Video Advertisements on YouTube
YouTube Advertising Retargeting Campaigns

YouTube Advertising Package Retargeting Campaigns

  • Create YouTube retargeting campaigns based on analytical data gathered from YouTube advertisements. 
  • Retarget users that watched client’s YouTube channel videos. 
  • Develop retargeting audiences on YouTube to find active users. 
  • Schedule bi-weekly reports to analyze the compiled data from YouTube advertising campaigns.
  • Assess cost per conversions to calculate ROI. 

YouTube Advertising Package Data Analysis Report

All the data we compile while running YouTube ads are essential to scaling. Especially, optimizing ads based on data compiled from YouTube. Also offer coaching client’s internal team on optimizing YouTube ads.

Split Testing

  • Split test YouTube advertising campaigns to improve marketing strategies. 
  • Reduce waste in ad spend by optimizing ad copy, images, targeting, funnels, landing pages and more.
  • Cost-effective ad spend with testing budget to learn from YouTube’s ad technology.
  • Report YouTube split tests results.
YouTube Advertising Data Analysis Report
Small business YouTube Advertising Package

Affordable YouTube Advertising Package Boston MA

YouTube Advertising Campaign Goals

YouTube Brand Awareness

Learn how to build brand awareness with TrueView Youtube advertising campaigns for your company.

YouTube Video Marketing

Find your target consumer with YouTube video marketing to scale your business.

YouTube Advertising Package

Advertising your business with YouTube advertising package is extremely important in 2019. Right now consumers are engaging with your competitors video content. Let us help you get started today.

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Boston Youtube Marketing Services

Digital marketing allows businesses, both big and small, to reach wider audiences at a relatively low cost. Its effectiveness and cost have enabled it to experience exponential growth over the past decade. However, despite this growth, many businesses are still in the dark about some digital marketing frontiers that can, among other things, increase their brand awareness and sales. One of these platforms is YouTube.  

Why YouTube Advertising is the best digital marketing platform    

YouTube is a video sharing platform that has more than a billion unique users. Such is the popularity of the platform that every minute individuals and businesses upload hundreds of hours of videos. These videos are viewed by more people and for longer times than either Netflix’s or Facebook’s videos. YouTube advertising services, therefore, provides businesses with a platform for reaching millions of potential customers at a fraction of resources that they would have to use to reach a similar number of customers on traditional media such as television and radio.

Moreover, research by Ipsos has found services for YouTube advertising to be more effective than traditional media such as television because viewers pay more attention to its videos (85%) than television content (45%). Additionally, unlike traditional media, YouTube advertising allows businesses to engage with customers through the comments and replies section.    

How To Create A YouTube Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Even though YouTube is one of the most effective digital marketing platforms, it remains largely underutilized by businesses. Many businesses understand its importance but have no idea how it makes it work for them. Well, you don’t need to know everything about YouTube marketing to make the most out of it. Outsourcing the services to a top YouTube advertising agency in Boston will help you reap the benefits of YouTube marketing without really having expertise in social media marketing on YouTube.     

What a YouTube marketing company will do for your business?     

There are a lot of things involved in making YouTube marketing produce the desired results for your business. A top Boston YouTube marketing company such as Revenue Boomers will provide you with an affordable YouTube advertising package that fully meets the needs of your business. Here is a look at some of the things that such a social media agency will do to help your business meet its online marketing goals.     

Develop Effective YouTube Advertising strategy    

A YouTube marketing campaign that lacks strategy is bound to fail. Our YouTube marketing agency will help your business devise a marketing strategy that is based on your business’ objectives. The objectives could include getting new subscribers to your YouTube channel, increasing user engagement, promoting existing videos, boosting traffic to your site, or increasing your business’ sales. A top Boston YouTube advertising company will help you establish objectives that are not only realistic but also fall within your marketing budget.    

Create Quality YouTube Marketing Content    

If you don’t have a YouTube channel or want fast results, a YouTube advertising agency may conduct on your behalf a TrueView campaign for quick results. However, a less costly option and one with more long term benefits are growing your YouTube channel. Such growth can only happen if you consistently create high-quality content to keep your customers entertained and engaged. Google and YouTube determine the quality of content using factors such as the time users spend watching the content, and its likes, shares, and comments. So, the advertising agency will create content that is bound to attract as many likes, shares, and comments as possible.    

YouTube SEO services      

Your YouTube channel needs to be optimized for search engines such as Google. Having quality content is important for YouTube optimization, but you also need to use the right keywords that attract the desired audience. A professional Boston YouTube advertising expert will ensure that video descriptions and titles have the correct keywords to attract a lot of quality traffic to your channel and help it achieve higher Google rankings.     

Other services you get from a Boston YouTube Advertising Agency    

YouTube advertising is a great way to promote your business online, but it is not the only one. For best results, you need to mix your YouTube marketing campaigns with other digital marketing efforts. These efforts include social media marketing with Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, among other digital marketing endeavors. We also execute SEO campaigns and offer web design services to build a top quality website that receives organic web traffic.  

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With the help of a YouTube advertising agency in Boston, it is relatively easy to grow your business by reaching out to millions of potential customers that use YouTube and other social media and video sharing sites. Revenue Boomers, the best social media marketing company in Boston is also renowned for its top digital marketing services such as YouTube advertising, web design, SEO services and much more is a company that can help meet all your online marketing services.

You are building a reputation based on professionalism, innovation, and quality work. Consider us the best Boston YouTube marketing company that you should consider working with to maximize your returns from your digital marketing investment.

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