YouTube Advertising Package

Small business YouTube Advertising Package Boston

Best YouTube Advertising Agency Boston

The Boston YouTube advertising package allows the client to build brand awareness with video advertisements. 

YouTube Ranking Consultation

  • Consultation on the importance of YouTube ranking.
  • Rank videos on YouTube with specific keywords to increase YouTube SEO.
  • Consult client on effective strategies to rank YouTube videos including effective thumbnails.
YouTube Advertising Package
youtube keyword research

YouTube Advertising Package SEO Keyword Research


  • Consultation on YouTube SEO for keyword research.
  • YouTube SEO consultation on title, description, and tags for YouTube advertising videos.
  • Create effective YouTube SEO long tail keyword strategy to rank for several keywords in one video.
  • Boston YouTube advertising experts will create a list of suggested YouTube SEO keywords for each client.  

Targeted Video Advertisements on YouTube

  • Targeted pay-per-click YouTube advertisements videos to increase subscribers to gain more brand awareness.
  • YouTube advertising consultation on delivering targeted video ads for a specific audience.
  • Consultation on running YouTube ads on your competitors’ videos also known as placement ads.
  • Advance consultation on the objective for YouTube TrueView Discovery Ads to increase sales.
Targeted Video Advertisements on YouTube
YouTube Advertising Retargeting Campaigns

YouTube Advertising Package Retargeting Campaigns

  • Create YouTube retargeting campaigns based on analytical data gathered from YouTube advertisements. 
  • Retarget users that watched client’s YouTube channel videos. 
  • Develop retargeting audiences on YouTube to find active users. 
  • Schedule bi-weekly reports to analyze the compiled data from YouTube advertising campaigns.
  • Assess cost per conversions to calculate ROI. 

YouTube Advertising Package Data Analysis Report

All the data we compile while running YouTube ads are essential to scaling. Especially, optimizing ads based on data compiled from YouTube. Also offer coaching client’s internal team on optimizing YouTube ads.

Split Testing

  • Split test YouTube advertising campaigns to improve marketing strategies. 
  • Reduce waste in ad spend by optimizing ad copy, images, targeting, funnels, landing pages and more.
  • Cost-effective ad spend with testing budget to learn from YouTube’s ad technology.
  • Report YouTube split tests results.
YouTube Advertising Data Analysis Report
Small business YouTube Advertising Package

Affordable YouTube Advertising Package Boston MA

YouTube Advertising Campaign Goals

YouTube Brand Awareness

Learn how to build brand awareness with TrueView Youtube advertising campaigns for your company.

YouTube Video Marketing

Find your target consumer with YouTube video marketing to scale your business.

YouTube Advertising Package

Advertising your business with YouTube advertising package is extremely important in 2019. Right now consumers are engaging with your competitors video content. Let us help you get started today.

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